What About The 3% Sales Tax Revenue To The City?

In the July 27th issue of the Register Guard an article quoted Creswell mayor David Stram: Stram says he has run the numbers for what marijuana taxes could bring to Creswell, and he thinks it’ll be more a trickle of revenue than a stream. Similarly sized Veneta made $30,000 in revenue off $1 million in marijuana sales, so even generously doubling that profit to $2 million leaves Creswell with $60,000 in taxes. In the August 18, 2017 issue of the Creswell Chronicle, mayor Stram went on further to say:

“We’ve heard that Creswell will receive
lots of tax revenue from the marijuana
industry,” Stram said. “But once you
take all these expenses and divvy it
up, it’s a trickle, not a stream.”

Source: Creswell Chronicle, 8-18-2017