Don’t Be Duped; Vote No on Marijuana in Creswell

Dear Editor,

With all the discussion and controversy surrounding the recent marijuana initiative in Creswell, one key issue is not being addressed. The measure that will be voted on in November includes legalizing much more than dispensaries. It also includes legalizing marijuana processing facilities within city limits.

What is the less than desirable consequence that results from processing marijuana? You guessed it: that dank, skunky smell. It’s the smell that will engulf the tiny town of Creswell. You’ll smell it entering and leaving Creswell. Do you enjoy summer barbeques, watching your kid’s soccer game, or attending the 4th of July Parade? If this measure passes, you’re going to enjoy it a lot less!

What are the other potential risks of this offensive odor? How about decreasing property values, inability to attract new businesses and residents, and negative impacts on local proprietors?

Sure, the corporation processing and selling the marijuana will draw people into their dispensaries and make large profits, but the citizens of Creswell will be the losers. The small amount of tax revenue generated from this business will be dwarfed by an economic downfall and greatly decreased quality of life.

Do your research on the smell dispersed by processing marijuana and decide if you want to live in a skunky, foul-smelling town. Don’t be duped into believing that this group just wants to build a little dispensary on the corner. They want a full-on commercial pot operation. Vote NO!

Andy Vaughn