Blowin’ Smoke

Dear Editor,

So, there was this man at my door several days ago whose name escapes me at the moment. I will simply refer to him as BS (Blowin’ Smoke). Anyway, BS wanted me to sign a petition so he could sell POT from his coffee shop here in Creswell. I am not familiar with his “coffee shop,” but that’s a whole other story.

Didn’t we already vote on this? Ah…yes, we did; I remember now. His recent full page advertisement in The Creswell Chronicle suggests we were misled, however. The upcoming November ballot will give us another chance to approve his coffee shop/pot house scheme.

I understand his scheme has now qualified for the November ballot. From what BS told me, I can rightly extrapolate that not all those “qualifying” petition signatures are in favor of a pot house in Creswell. After all, he was willing to say anything to get my signature.

(read the entire article here)

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