One Gro exploiting Creswell

By Kathleen Mercer, Editor’s Mailbag – Register Guard July 28, 2017

Creswell citizens should beware of wealthy self-promoters and the campaign to get them to change their votes banning marijuana dispensaries.

The small amount of money One Gro claims (but doesn’t prove) Creswell will receive if the dispensary is permitted pales when compared to the millions the businessmen will make.

Maybe Creswell citizens should negotiate with the businessmen to pledge (in writing) a percentage of their profits to help Creswell fund libraries, senior and daycare centers, parks and downtown.

One Gro’s description of Creswell as being about “dollar stores, gambling and cheap malt liquor” is elitist and judgmental. There are plenty of those same businesses in Eugene. The men say they “want Creswell to become our Cupertino,” not your Cupertino. Are you ready to turn over your town to these businessmen who show so little regard for you?

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