Pot Petition

By Kelly Kenoyer (Eugene Weekly July 27, 2017)

Creswell’s One Gro seeks to repeal the town’s pot ban and create a local monopoly

In a small café just off I-5 that proprietors hope to convert into a weed dispensary, a marijuana company’s leaders met with a few citizens of Creswell last week in an attempt to change hearts and minds — and a city ordinance — about the pot industry.

One Gro is a marijuana company started by Mike Arnold, the Eugene-based lawyer who briefly defended the Bundys after their Malheur occupation last year and who recently left his law practice to become a “gentleman hobbyist farmer” growing and selling pot outside of Creswell.

Arnold and his CEO, Dan Isaacson, hope that One Gro will soon have its flagship dispensary in Creswell — population 5,292. The twist, however, is that Creswell citizens voted 1,280-1,152 in November to ban weed dispensaries in town.

The company started up in February and recently filed an initiative petition to reverse the ban. “The reason we wrote the law the way we did is so we could be the only dispensary in town,” Isaacson says. “It won’t be like Eugene, where it’s stacked one on top of another.”

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